Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

US President Donald Trump today made the existence of a new US law about immigration conditional on a real wall on the border with Mexico.

With nearly 68 percent of the votes, well ahead of his political rivals, incumbent president Nicolas Maduro won a second six year presidential term in Venezuela''s Sunday elections.

News comes just hours after North Korea dismantled a nuclear test site. U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday called off his planned June 12 summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a letter released by the White House.



Reinauguran Pizzería El Louvre en Matanzas

In less than two months the pizza restaurant El Louvre, in Matanzas, offers a totally renewed aspect after its reopening, to celebrate anniversary 325 of the city.

More than 110 Cuban patients suffering from a very disabling knee pathology present a better quality of life after being operated here by orthopedic Enrique Pancorbo with a method from China.

Cambio climático: Desarrollan Proyecto Balzar en el municipio de Martí

As part of the actions to decrease the vulnerable effects of the climatic change in the agricultural sector in the municipality of Martí, in Matanzas, a meeting took place with the participation of Juan Mario Martínez, coordinator in Cuba of the Basar Project.


Diversos productos que se comercializan para el turismo y las cadenas de tiendas en divisas.

The dairy industry in Matanzas gets modern and diversify its productions. For the coming period there will be considerable changes for the benefit of the national market and the commercialization in foreign exchange. Two new hardware for pocketing improve the efficiency of this industry in the municipality of Colón, which gives supplies to nine municipalities of the territory.

Nuevos productos de aseo e higiene del hogar para la familia matancera

The Company Demos, belonging to the entrepreneurial group GARDIS, diversifies its productions with a new line of products for cleanliness and household hygiene.

Cuban authorities highlighted the confidence in this destination after the arrival of two million international visitors on May 18.


The World Badminton Federation (WBF) recognized in its annual meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, the record of Cuban Miguel Diaz, founder of the national federation in 1979, today highlights Cuban digital website Jit .

Four Danish rowers brought a message of peace, solidarity and unity among people after a 74-day journey from Portugal to Cuba.

Today marks 100 days before the start of the IV WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup – the highest-level competition in baseball for 13-15 year olds – which opens on Friday, 10 August in Panama.


The 30th Cuban Meeting of Yumuri Movie Club 2018, scheduled here from June 6 to 10, will be dedicated to three iconic films of the national cinematography, according to the organizer committee.

Orquesta Faílde: Éxito indiscutible del arte cubano en EE.UU.

Eleven concerts in five days: That was the incredible presentation of Faílde's Orchestra in the festival Arts from Cuba last Sunday, in the United States.

Artworks by contemporary Russian painters who took the links between their nation and Cuba as inspiration make up the exhibition ''Sisters'' that the Esteban Chartrand Gallery is hosting in this western Cuban city.

Identifican Segunda Caja Negra de accidente aéreo en La Habana

Raúl Torres - Laureles y Olivos

Varadero, destino seguro





The most infamous terrorist in the Western Hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles, died on May 23 in Miami, without paying his debts to justice or reparations to a single one of his victims.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted the power of art and culture to forge relationships of respect when exchanging with artists who participated in recent events in Peru and the United States.

Experts from the United States and Mexico support the investigations led by Cuba to clarify the causes of the plane crash that took place last Friday in this capital, the press reports today.

Representatives of the African and Caribbean Embassies to Cuba visited this city today as part of the activities for the 55 years of establishing May 25th as Africa Day by Unesco.


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Suplemento Humedal del Sur (Mayo 2018)