Martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Investments advance in tourist corridor Matanzas-Varadero-Cárdenas

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Avanzan inversiones en corredor turístico Matanzas-Varadero-Cárdenas

The developmental projects of tourism in Varadero and the corridor that include Matanzas and Cárdenas are evidenced with the announcement of the edification of several hotels in the zone.


It is important to point out that, as an answer to the fulfillment of the Guidelines of the economic and social policy of the Revolution, the minister of tourism, Manuel Marrero Cruz said to the press that there are 140 projects established as part of the opportunities portfolio open to the Foreign Investment Law.


Among them he highlighted the ones aimed at enlarging and renewing the nation's hotel plant and to real-estate development correlated to the construction of golf fields and thematic parks with leading technology, one of the ways to adapt the sector to the new international tendencies and to the search for experiences and sensations by clients.


It is a strategy that reaches dimensions defined with the execution of works in the tourist corridor, which shows the interest to develop that sector in that area.  (By María+ Elena Bayón/ Radio 26/Translated by Roxana Ros/Girón)



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