Domingo, 17 de junio de 2018

Cuba Shows Tourist Attractions at UNESCO

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Cuba is showing its several tourist attractions at UNESCO, where the Latin American and Caribbean Week takes place with a large public presence.

The Tourism counselor at the Cuban embassy in France, Rosa Adela Mejias, told Prensa Latina that the UN organization is an excellent space 'to promote tourism in front of this international audience that appreciates culture, an aspect in which Cuba has so much to offer.'


Mejias stated that the stand of the Caribbean nation offers wide and varied information in leaflets about the attractions of the country, focused on issues such as heritage cities, nature, diving, music, arts, among others.


The tourism team participates regularly in the Week, which is celebrating its third edition this year, and according to Mejias, the reception is excellent.


Several modalities are offered to the public that visit the island, such as circuits, cruises, or a la carte trips, designed specifically for the interests of the customer, she explained.


The counselor commented that France, the host country of UNESCO, is one of the greatest tourist issuing markets to Cuba, and we hope to continue that progress.


The Latin America and Caribbean Week began yesterday at UNESCO, a great day of activities aimed at showing the richness and variety of culture and traditions in that region.

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