Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Matanzas made for love

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Girl, you must know that I feel blessed when I retrace this city made for love, by your side.


While I long for your body, let's discover those that belong to a metropolis full of poetry. The words of dead poets who come back every time that I intend to describe your essence and that enigmatic look that calms me and makes me run wild at the same time.


I suffer from the same madness of Milanés towards Isa. I loved you once in the same place where rumor has it that Heredia loved Lola Junco, by the side of the Yumurí. There I landed at your borders... and I was happy.


We have elbowed at bridges more than once and while your gaze gets lost in the hills of the city, I dream of climbing to your soul to rest in eternal calmness.


My feelings, transparent and eager, sprout like the Pompon’s water. A smile of yours is more valuable than all the Silver Fleet. You rest in me, deep inside, like the legendary treasure's coins that protects the bay. I dream of being your brave corsair. However, sometimes I retire into my shell, maybe because of that mystic halo that embodies the city.


Every time we cross a bridge we undertake the miracle to walk on waters, but I always levitate, girl, when you come close.


I do not believe neither I am interested in the eternity. My desires only exist in this worldly space, where you already let an indelible trace.


Matanzas is and will be our accomplice and our witness, always faithful and benevolent. Let's love it by loving each other, and we will work a miracle.    



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