Lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

In Matanzas: Guanima Bridge ready for road traffic (+ Pictures)

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El nuevo puente Guanima, importante enlace del corredor turístico La Habana - Varadero, abrirá a la circulación vehicular hoy en la tarde, luego del acto de entrega de la obra constructiva al Centro Provincial de Vialidad.


The new Guanima Bridge, an important link of the tourist corridor Havana - Varadero is open since yesterday, right after the act of delivery of the constructive work to the Provincial Center of Traffic and after the workers received the flag that acknowledges their labor.

Reynaldo Hernández Rodríguez, provincial director of Traffic, pointed out that the engineering work is integrated to the metropolis's viaduct and has all the conditions to assure the traffic after 11 months of intense work by the Construction and Set-up Enterprise. 

At present, they are carrying out works related to the termination of the work such as the deactivation of temporary facilities and the reparation of the ranch. These two actions will finish in June.

Hernández Rodríguez also highlighted that the traffic through this bridge is essential to continue the paving in the areas of the viaduct and the General Betancourt Avenue, tasks that are part of the Program of Preservation of Matanzas city to greet its anniversary 325.

According to Julio Canito Marrero, vice-director of the center, “the system of metallic beams of the previous structure was substituted by postensadas. The bridge also has other new components such as aluminum handrails and LED lamps”, acquired abroad.

The reparation of the Guanima Bridge, located near El Tennis beach, began in May, 2016 due to its grade of deterioration, after 20 years of exploitation. (Pictures: Ramón Pacheco Salazar)

Puente mar peatonal.jpg


Puente playa.jpg


Puente baranda.jpg


Puente led.jpg


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