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Ecuador: Vote Recount Legitimizes Continuation of Citizen Revolution

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The Citizen Revolution led by President Rafael Correa, was ratified as the lane chosen by the majority in Ecuador, after recounting over one million 275 thousand votes, which legitimized Lenin Moreno as president elect.

After a verification process that lasted about 10 hours, the three thousand 865 ballot acts objected by the two political organizations participating in the second round of the presidential elections on April 2, Alianza Pais (in power) and the coalition Creo-Suma, ratified the outcome previously announced.

Moreno, winner of the two voting rounds, was confirmed with 51.16 percent of the ballots, while his rival, Guillermo Lasso had to accept the 48.84 percent.

The only inconvenience in this recount was the absence of Creo-Suma, summoned to observe the supervision to confirm the transparency of the process.

The Creo attitude generated strong criticism, among them the delegate of Alianza Pais, Alvaro Saenz, who considered the act shameful and lacking political responsibility.

According to some politologists and experts, the opposing coalition, lacking incentives to attract voters, tried to plant the fraud theory and asked the recount of ballots, maybe ignoring they would have the acceptance of the high electoral commission.

In a change of strategy they then went to the Contentious Election Court to ask for the annulment of the recount and recheck of votes of 100 percent of the ballots, demand that was denied for incompatibility.

In a last desperate attempt, the former vicepresidential candidate, Andres Paez, presented an appeal to the Prosecution asking for a forensic audit to validate the security stamps in election packages.

The performance of the CNE were supported by the international observatory missions of the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, the World Association of Election Organs and the Interamerican Union of Electoral Organisms.

The truth won and every attempt to plant the fraud theory failed and now the opposition pair Lasso-Paez are now under investigation for alleged falsification and use of false documents.

The recount of 11.2 percent of the votes was something unprecedented and historic in Ecuador and for the world, whose eyes have been focused on this nation in the Middle of the World since last February 19.

The victory of Lenin Moreno in two rounds of voting and the recount, reaffirms the popular will to continue on the path of the Citizen Revolution, started over 10 years ago by the head of state, Rafael Correo, who will swear-in his successor at the Palace of Carondelet, next May 24.

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