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Cuban Media Criticizes Tangles of Spanish Politics

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Some political Spanish figures keep seeing America as the colony that was two centuries ago, affirms today a long article published in the local media.

To this sorry conclusion is reached by the leaks from audiences and declarations in the Commission of Foreign Relations of the Congress of Deputies, of the Foreign Minister of Spain, Alfonso Dastis, reports newspaper Juventud Rebelde.


Dastis was questioned, without much consideration and in an interfering manner in the internal affairs of other countries, by representatives of the rightwing parties Ciudadanos and Popular, said the article titled 'The tangles of Spanish Policy on Cuba'.


The text explains that the minister, who last September visited Havana, belies what he then presented to the media as his great achievement, the first official visit to the island by King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia.


When he touched the subject -the article stresses- according to news agency EFE referring to Dastis 'although he did not fix dates for that top level visit', he emphasized they worked with 'a clear weather horizon'.


For its part, daily El Pais in headlines of September 6, detailed that 'the Spanish monarchs will travel to Cuba surely at the start of January in what will be the first official visit of a Spanish monarch to the island'.


Meanwhile, it commented the intention of Dastis that the visit would come 'at the highest level to crown the good present relations'.


However, now the Spanish FM reverted his last year's declarations, by appearing before the Commission of Foreign Relations of the Congress of Deputies.


Reponding to the insults of parliamentary group of Ciudadanos, he said 'we did not like that trip', referring to the pretended visit to the greater of the Antilles.


Although at the beginning of his intervention before the Commission, Dastis informed he continued to work in 'dynamic and structured relations with the island, with which we develop a constructive dialogue', but marked differences on other issues.


For example -says the article- he referred to the issue of human rights, of which they try traditionally to become champions to hide their own deficiencies and impose their political interests.


The article points that both at the time of responding to Ciudadanos as the Popular Parliamentary Group, party led by the head of government, Mariano Rajoy, Dastis changed his mind.


Referring to the trip of the royalty to Cuba that in April and September he wished were as soon as possible, it referred 'it's not that the royal visit were canceled, it's that it was never planned nor preparations begun for it'.


After that he recognized his belief that 'with Cuba, Spain has frankly enough links to justify a visit at any level'.


But as the thing is to see a straw in someone's eyes and not the beam in its own -adds the article- he charged against Cuiban democracy and its election process.


There are, as you know, elections scheduled for the spring, we'll see what happens then', indicated Dastis leaving the phrase in suspense.


In all this, there is plenty that could be said about that and the Spain of the PP and other similar, has top ut on a good skirt, said the journalist, who recalled that 'from so much saying and going back on his words, the Minister forgot the small detail that although we are

a little island, we have many...reasons and principles, that do not respond to conditions or circumstances'.


It could be questioned, what condition or circumstance had to exist, according to Dastis, to bring about the visit of the head of State of Spain to the island, if it were not the existence of clear basis in mutual respect relations, reciprocity, equality and non-interference in internal affairs, it concluded.

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