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Cuba Explains Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Metallurgy

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Cuba has explained the opportunities for foreign investment and the legal framework associated with the metallurgy sector during an international forum on the nickel and cobalt industry in China, an official source reported today.

Katiuska Cortina, general director of the CubaNiquel Office SA. in this Asian country, told Prensa Latina that the Caribbean delegation outlined those aspects when presenting yesterday the paper 'Mining in Cuba'.


The material also referred to the minerals existing in our country, the main teaching centers and the nickel and cobalt deposits, she said.


She said that Juan Ruiz Quintana, General Director of Mining at the Ministry of Energy and Mines, was in charge of the paper and provided an analysis on the current situation of the sector in his country, investment perspectives and geological investigations to discover new wealthy areas in different metals.


According to Cortina, the Cuban delegation also attended a panel on nickel and stainless steel, and answered questions from participants regarding production, consumption and the possibility of expanding that industry nationwide.


Quintana's book, 'Mining in Cuba, an Approach', was launched with a good reception during the event.


The volume seeks to broaden the culture on the issue and disseminate the legacy of Commander Rene Ramos Latour, one of the martyrs of the Caribbean nation, among the new generations, she added.


The forum will be held in the southern city of Guangzhou and will close tomorrow with a tour of the Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co. Ltd.

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