Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Cuba and U.S. Exchange on Fighting Money Laundering

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Authorities from Cuba and the United States met today in Washington for their second technical meeting to prevent and fight money laundering, informed today a note of the Island's Foreign Ministry.

The meeting took place in a climate of respect and professionality, is inscribed in the dialogue on application and compliance with the law between both countries.


The encounter allowed to analyze the trends of this scourge at regional level, the main experiences in the fight against asset laundering and the next steps to go forward in the bilateral collaboration on this issue.


Representatives of Cuba emphasized the need to increase cooperation between authorities of both countries to guarantee an effective confrontation to that crime.


Both parts agreed that it is required to act with determination against this type of crime and those who commit it, while there was consensus that impunity must not be allowed.


The Havana delegation also expressed to the other part that for a comprehensive analysis of these issues, Cuba favors exchange in diverse for a, fundamentally the system of the United Nations.

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