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Condition of Innovative Entity granted to three companies in Matanzas

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La Ronera de Cárdenas, casa productora del ron Perla del Norte, fue una de las galardonadas

The program for granting the condition of Innovative Entity, rescued by Matanzas' CITMA, in 2016, finished this first year of experience with the acknowledgement to three companies of notable trajectory within the province.


According to engineer Dariel D´León García, director of the unit of science and technology of the CITMA in Matanzas, the Crude Oil of the Center's Drilling and Extraction's Company, the Rum's Fabric, in Cárdenas and the Architectural and Engineering Projects' Company were the ones that deserved this prize in Matanzas.


According to Dariel, all those companies outstand due to the fulfillment of their programs and productive plans together with the actions for the care and conservation of the technique as well as actions to respond quickly to the needs for invention.


Even so, the director of the Science and Technology Unit of the CITMA in Matanzas pointed out that it is not a reward of irrevocable character because it will be in the entity for a period of three years if their workers are able to maintain the requirements demanded in the bases. (Ana González Goicochea/Radio 26)



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