Miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

ACPA: Animal production at sight

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Matanzas posee 24 cotos genéticos, que se clasifican en especializados, de reserva fitogenética y de reserva genética

Attaining a sustainable development, in accord with the environment, is an essential premise of the Animal Production's Cuban Association ( ACPA, for its acronym in Spanish ) in Matanzas.

According to Cisley García Pérez, president of the Acpa in this province, the National Event on Family Agriculture will take place in Matanzas from December 12th to 14th. With the presentation of 10 dissertations, the very producers will expose their experiences in this type of work.

García Pérez pointed out that Matanzas has 24 genetic reserved areas classified in specialized ones, areas of genetic reserve and of phytogenetic reserve. The last ones are located in the farmsteads San Jose, in Torriente; and La Paulina, in Perico, among others.

This Association has 12 societies disseminated in the 13 municipalities. It has 3 248 members in 210 base agencies and was created in Matanzas, in 1986.

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