Lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Cuba Domadores to face Colombia in WSB

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Taking revenge and topping Group A will be the incentives for the Cuba Domadores when facing next Friday at home the Colombia Heroicos in the final round of the qualifying stage of the 7th World Series of Boxing WSB).

The South American squad surprisingly beat as local 3-2 its Caribbean counterpart in the C-1 format, performance that included losses by Yoahnys Argilagos (49 kg), Arlen Lopez (75) and Erislandy Savon (91), and totals two more points (15-13) which forces the now host team to win 5-0 or 4-1.

Achieving that result would be a major success as the Cuban side would rank first in its Poole and the best two leaders will rival the best two third seats of the three groups in the quarterfinals to take place next May 12 and 19.

The other two matches of that stage will face the third group leader against the worst runner-up and the remaining duel will be between the best two teams finishing second in their respective pooles.

So, the Cuba Domadores must use its aces, let us say Yosbany Veitía (52), Armando Martinez (60), Ronniel Iglesias (69), Julio César La Cruz (81) and José Angel Larduet (+91), while their opponent would probably lineup with Ceiber Ávila, Albeiro Paredes, Ricardo Legarda, Juan Carlos Carrillo and Cristian Salcedo, in that order.


20 B France Fighting Roosters (11) C-2
vs. Italy Thunder (8)
21 B British Lionhearts (13) vs. C-2
Morocco Atlas Lions (5)
21 A Colombia Heroicos (15) vs. C-2
Cuba Domadores (13)
21 A Venezuela Caciques (4) vs. C-2
Argentina Condors (1)
21 C Uzbek Tigers (9) vs. Russia C-2
Patriots (7)
22 C Kazakhstan Astana Arlans (12) C-2
vs. China Dragons (3)

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