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One, Two, Tree, Homage to Mambo's King in Mexico

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Dámaso Pérez Prado is once again the protagonist of his ancestry in Mexico, where ''I am the King of the Mambo'' film is premiered here today at the Theater of Esperanza Iris City.

It will be a reminder of the centenary of the icon of Cuban and Mexican music, which has as its motive the Mambo book, how nice is mambo, by the author of the also Cuban Ulíses Rodríguez, and the scenery and costumes of his compatriot Israel Rodríguez.


The director, Danna Stella Aguilar, considers that it is a 'mambo-drama', which had its debut in Cuba in a colloquium in which historians and musicologists participated.


It is not a musical, she warned, although she announced that there are live melodies.


The play dialogues with the music, but it is not like that structure where everyone sings, it is very theatrical and, of course, the classical mambos will be heard; also the arrangements are new and it is a way to reinterpret the melodies of the time, she said.


Dámaso Pérez Prado was known here to the world and here he was loved, he was danced and of course in rumba dancers films he had a vital transcendence.


The most beautiful is that he is a Cuban character, but very Mexican, 'argued the director.


Pérez Prado is another classical example of a Cuban musician who acquired international relevance from his professional life in Mexico, a country that shares historical and cultural ties with his country of origin.


As an example, the danzón, the national Cuban dance, is being danced more here today than on the Caribbean island, where at the same time the golden age of Mexican cinema, the singers and artists of this country, enjoy wide popularity.


The impact of the Nueva Trova cubana, Silvio Rodríguez and Pablo Milanés, among other Cuban singer-songwriters, is added.


But the one who is paying homage is the king of the mambo, in a play where he will be accompanied on stage by Benny, a Mexican-Cuban party.

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